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Alight Motion Pro is a great app for creating graphics, animations, visual effects and vector graphics. It is perfect for designers, developers, animators, students and professionals.

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Alight Motion Pro
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What is Alight Motion Pro?

Alight Motion Pro is an app for creating graphics, animations, visual effects and vector graphics. It is perfect for designers, developers, animators, students and professionals.

You don't have to worry about downloading tons of apps to create great animations. With Alight Motion, you can create awesome graphics and visual effects without spending hours installing multiple apps. This is the best app for graphics and motion designing. This is the world's first app for motion designing.

Use Of Alight Motion Pro

Alight Motion is a powerful toolset for making animations. They offer everything from text animations to image sequences to the full Adobe Creative Suite.

Alight Motion Pro Mod Apk has a few different features that are very useful for your graphics projects. It’s easy to create and modify graphics using its simple interface. It is easy to customize the size and shape of the object in any frame. You can change the colors of a particular thing in the object and customize it in many ways.

Key Features of Alight Motion Pro

»Multiple layers of graphics, video, and audio

»Keyframe animation available for all settings

»Grouping and Masking

»Vector and bitmap support (edit vector graphics right on your phone!)

»160+ basic effect building blocks that can be combined to create sophisticated

»visual effects

»Color Adjustment

»Link parent and child layers and rig character joints

»Cameras that pan, zoom, and support focus blur and fog

»Animation easing for the more fluid motion: Pick from presets or build your own

»timing curves

»Bookmarks for ease of editing

»Save your favorite elements for easy re-use in future projects

»Key Frame Animations

»Add visual & graphics in video

»Solid color and gradient fill effects

»Premium Unlocked Alight Motion Pro APK

»Velocity-based motion blur

»Export MP4 video, GIF animation, PNG sequences, and stills

»Border, shadow, and stroke effects

»Custom font support

»Copy and paste entire layers or just their style

»1000+ Premium Fonts are available

»Blending modes

»No Watermark

»Share project packages with others

Alight Motion Pro All Features Explained

1000+ Premium Fonts are available

There are thousands of fonts available in Alight Motion Pro. Which are perfect for creating stunning animations and graphics. With so many fonts to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect one for your needs. Whether you need a simple font for text or a more complex font for logos and images, Alight Motion Pro has you covered.

Solid Color And Gradient Fill Effects

Creating stunning color grading effects has never been easier with Alight Motion Pro. With its solid colors and gradient fill tools, you can easily create amazing looks that perfectly match the mood and style of your video. Whether you're looking for a subtle effect to add depth and dimension to your footage or want to take things to the next level with an incredibly vivid and eye-catching look, this app has everything you need for the right job. ought to do.

Rich Chroma Key

Alight Motion Pro is a convenient chroma key app. Which helps you to change a particular color. And you can get a new color in the video. This app is perfect for compositing or color correction work. Because flexibility and ease of use matter. With this app you can easily adjust the colors to create the desired effect on your videos.

Support Multi-Layer Timeline & Velocity-Based Motion

There is no question that video editing can be a demanding and time-consuming process. With so many different tools and features available, it can be hard to know where to start. If you're looking for an easier way to produce high-quality video, check out Alight Motion Pro. This App is based on Velocity-Based Motion Blur technology, which helps you create Cinematic videos with ease. Plus, with its easy-to-use interface, you'll be able to save your work in no time at all. The Multi layout Timeline allows the addition of Multiple Layers Of Graphics, Video, And Audio files. Moreover Add build resources like Text, Shapes. The timeline is perfect for creating complex projects with a lot of graphics and audio. It is also great for adding text and other inbuilt resources.

It Has Some Inbuilt Beautiful Transitions

Alight Motion Pro is a video editor that allows you to add different transitions to make your videos look stunning and more attractive. The program has a variety of transitions, so you can create the perfect video for your needs. Additionally, this app has a variety of effects that you can use to enhance the look of your videos. With this program, you can create professional looking videos in minutes!

Vector Editing Inside Alight Motion Pro

Now Alight Motion Pro supports vector and bitmap editing, making it great for graphic designers who don't need a PC or computer to work with graphics. With this app you can easily create and edit vector graphics without installing any additional apps.

Various Photo Frames

If you are a video editing professional, you know how important it is to have the right photo frames to help make your videos look their best. With so many different options available on the market, it can be hard to decide which one is right for you. Luckily, alight motion pro has everything you need to create beautiful photo frames that will give your videos that smooth curve Hollywood producers lust after. Alight Motion Pro has a wide range of colorful photo frames that you can use to customize your photos. You can also add text and images to these frames, making them even more unique. The app also has a variety of options such as grids or borders, which you can use to frame your photos perfectly. With a wide range of frame styles and sizes, Alight motion pro can perfectly capture your unique personality and style. Whether you are looking for a classic photo frame or something more creative and original, alight motion pro has what you need. Plus, with the ability to add smooth curves to your photos, you can create amazing videos that will leave audiences breathless.

Effects And Controls

If you want to give your photos a little extra pizzazz, add some decorated boards and effects to them. These simple changes can really transform the look and feel of your shots, so it's worth taking the time to do them properly. With Effects and Controls, Alight motion pro can help you add a great deal of interest and uniqueness to your photographs. Along with border effects, you can also use drilling effects that will make your photos stand out. Additionally, this software has many other features that can help you enhance your photos. In order to create a custom aspect ratio for the images and video, you need to change the settings of the camera. Then you'll get the blending mode to add a variety of layers to the objects and the Vector Graphics will be created.

Advance Visuals

Visual effects can be used to make photos and videos more appealing to the viewer. There are several visual effects that you can add in your photos and videos. Some of these effects include adding motion, adding sound, and changing the color of an object. Visual effects can be used to make a photo or video more interesting or appealing to the viewer.

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How To Download Alight Motion Pro

  • You should be able to enable unknown sources.
  • Clicking on the download links will take you to the file.
  • You need to locate the file and install the app on your device.
  • If you are prompted on the screen, open the app and make all the necessary settings.

Faq Alight Motion Pro 2022

Q1: Looking for a simple and effective way to edit your newly captured videos?


A: Try Alight Motion Pro for Android now! Alight Motion has all the editing tools that you need to make your videos look professional, even if you’ve never edited a video before.

All editing tools are simple to use and only take a few steps to complete.

You can adjust the video quality, set a timer, and much more.

Q2: Why is the motion blur not working??


A: Maybe the mod version is not working for you, then try to use Alight Motion Pro from our website. It's checked and fully functional.

Q3: Want to add lots of text and quotes, and insert lyrics for your videos?


A; Alight Motion is an Android app for video editors, graphic designers, and artists, who are creating motion graphics and video editing.

With Alight Motion, you can insert text, and lyrics for your videos.

Q4: Is the Alight Motion Pro Apk paid?


A: The Alight Motion Pro is the only app you will need to edit your videos with some next-level effects! No more plugins or paid apps are needed.

You can now make awesome videos with the Alight Motion Pro Apk with an amazing user interface, professional features, and easy to use interface.

All of your videos will be enhanced with stunning HD effects! The pro version has a lot of options that are hard to find in any other video editor.

Alight Motion Pro is paid but you can get it free from our website.

Q5: Does Alight Motion Pro support XML?


Yes, Alight Motion Pro supports XML. It allows you to import files in XML format.

This makes it easy to work with files that are formatted using the XML schema.


Alight Motion is the world’s first professional motion design app. With Alight Motion Pro, you can create stunning animation, motion graphics, and visual effects for your next project. Whether you’re a startup looking for a simple way to add animation to your marketing materials, or an established business looking for ways to improve your branding, Alight Motion has you covered. With easy-to-use tools and a comprehensive library of pre-made animations and effects, creating professional motion design has never been easier. So what are you waiting for? Try Alight Motion today!


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